National Security

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Published by: Kensington
Release Date: January 6, 2015
Pages: 416
ISBN13: 978-1496717672



They can strike anytime, anywhere. A public landmark. A suburban shopping mall. And now, the human body itself. Three Middle Eastern terrorists have been injected with a biological weapon, human time bombs unleashed on American soil. They are prepared to die. To spread their disease. To annihilate  millions. If America hopes to fight this enemy from within, we need a new kind of weapon. Meet Special Agent Jericho Quinn. Air Force veteran. Champion boxer. Trained assassin. Hand-picked for a new global task force that, officially, does not exist, Quinn answers only to the Director of National Intelligence and the U.S. President himself.



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"Cameron’s testosterone-fueled debut thriller features characters straight out of central casting...a formidable warrior readers will want to see more of."
—Publishers Weekly 

“One of the hottest new authors in the thriller genre.”
—Brad Thor 

"Fascinating characters with action off-the-charts. Masterful.  .  . an entertaining romp."
—Steve Berry